The future of Plaza Premium Group starts with you. We’re looking for passionate people who believe that we can accomplish more together as a family, a PPG family.

We are a diverse team dedicated to enhancing travel experiences for all.

Our PPG family is a global team across almost 300 locations. We love travel. We love making travel easier and more enjoyable for everyone. We love to host travellers in our home, at the airport.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1998, we now have a presence on every continent. We started with airport lounges, and now span beyond the lounge, to logistics support, management consulting and comprehensive customer service across a portfolio of airport hospitality brands.

Our diverse team is united by a common ethos of equality, inclusion and respect. We are deeply invested in nurturing workplace bonds and supporting our colleagues well into the future.

Taking incredible pride in our work, we are constantly humbled by the dedication of colleagues who consistently lead with respect and integrity. To create an inclusive environment, we seek out team members who bring their whole selves to work, respect everyone equally, and value diversity. And of course, they must love travel, with passion, like we do.


Our TRIP culture

We are guided by our cultural TRIP values: Trust, Respect, Integrity and Pride. These aren’t just posters on a wall, we use this as a lens to guide us as we grow together.

Trust guides our interactions, our colleague engagements, our days. Respect is noticing small moments, valuing others and putting that into fantastic customer service. We bind our agreements with integrity, with follow through and quality. We are proud to be a PPG Family.

What we offer

Culture of Respect

Respect is noticing small moments. It’s valuing others. Respect is fantastic customer service, kind words from colleagues, thoughtful gestures. We sew respect into our days, and find ways to share this with everyone.


Decades of Experience

When we started the first airport lounge it was born of passion, intention and lots of elbow grease. Decades later our family have increased, our footprint is larger, time has gifted a bit of wisdom and perspective… we still operate with passion and elbow grease.


Passionate Team

Whether it’s on the frontline with our guests, or in our offices reviewing plans and strategy, our teams serve with passion. Every aspect of our days leads to the ultimate goal of making travel better. We know that small decisions can lead to larger impact, so we take care in planning, think of each and every person, and ensure that passion for customer care drives our direction. Wherever we are in the world, we work as one global family.


Opportunities for Growth

We don’t offer jobs, we offer a global career. A role is an opportunity for you to expand, to suggest, to create. We innovated this business and are focused on building a sustainable future. We don’t know it all, so we listen and we are always learning. We appreciate your background and perspective, so we give you space to try and grow. Bring your ideas, come with questions, lend passion to work; and together, we’ll make travel better.


Our core teams

Ground Team

These are the people who implement the vision. Colleagues in the lounges, at the hotels, or running our meet & greet services interact with customers and run the day-to-day. They are the ones with the opportunity to make a simple moment extraordinary, to remember returning guests, to surprise and delight, to unburden a tired traveller. Our ground team IS the vision. These are prestigious roles, for kind people. Joining our ground team means building a home together, hosting travellers on behalf of the global PPG family.

Growth Team

Our growth teams sets the vision. These are the people who sit behind the scenes and resides around the world. Our growth teams plan, innovate and think big. Ideas here become reality later, and we know that, so we take this seriously, and with heavy doses of love and fun. We think of the traveller, then collaborate and design ambitiously. Yes, there are meetings and spreadsheets, there are also parties, workshops, laughter and cooperation. Joining this arm of the business gets you a seat next to someone interesting, and also a voice in the larger PPG family.

Featured positions

Find your dream job

Multiple roles and opportunities to make travel better globally. Check out our openings.

  • Associate Director, Financial Planning & Analysis (IT and Ops)

    Hong Kong

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  • Assistant Manager/ Manager, IT Audit

    Hong Kong

    View position
  • Associate Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

    Hong Kong

    View position
  • Assistant Manager, Social Media, Marketing

    Hong Kong

    View position
  • Kitchen Planner, Project

    Kuala Lumpur

    View position
  • Assistant Manager/ Manager, Data & Insights Analytics, Marketing

    Hong Kong

    View position

Our Global Citizens


Regional General Manager – North Asia.
Joined PPG - 2008

“While working together with an energetic and passionate team, my time with PPG is a treasurable experience which not only brought me a chance to mastermind management and leadership across a multi-discipline and cross-cultures but also provided me with a chance to have a new perspective in terms of our growing business and it’s strong potential in the future.”


Regional Executive Chef – EMEA.
Joined PPG - 2015

“My ability to think like a guest, passion to work like a business owner, love for exploring the food & cultures of different regions and fondness for traveling formed the wind beneath my wings. And these wings were provided by the guidance and mentorship of the agile leadership at PPG who truly believe that happy employees are the key to happy guests.”


Director, Business Development – EMEA.
Joined PPG - 2016

“I was initially working as a Food and Beverage Associate at my time of joining PPG and worked all my way up to my current role. There has never been a boring day and I am continuously learning from every single colleague I work with. I am beyond thankful that PPG allows me to cultivate my passions and share them with all colleagues and stakeholders across the Globe.”


VP, Commercial Development & Operations – USA.
Joined PPG - 2017

“When the opportunity to join PPG came up, I knew it was the right step. My team focused on the rapidly expanding market in Australia including delivering several new lounges. And with the support of our leadership, the next step was to aid PPG’s expansion into the US market. PPG has offered me professional and personal growth while also showing a true family culture as we work together to meet our corporate goals.”


Associate Director, Technology & Digital Innovation – EMEA.
Joined PPG - 2010

“I am passionate about technology and digital innovation. For me, technology is just not about codes and data, it is the true enabler for meaningful customer experience creation and business insights. My journey with PPG is a journey of constant innovation, and more importantly all the talented and lovely colleagues globally to make this journey truly enjoyable and rewarding.”

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Plaza Premium Group is always looking for talented and passionate members of the PPG family.

For more information, please get in touch with Human Resource team.

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