Equipped with unrivalled knowledge of the international hospitality industry, we lead with passion, confidence and purpose.

Over 20 years’ of excellence in airport hospitality.

With an expertise that spans over 20 years, our range of services span across industry-leading lounge operations and designs, award-wining in-airport accommodation, meet and assist, and other passenger services, and then the technology to link it all with a single touchpoint. This services suite has the power to make every airport travel experience memorable for your brand and business.

Committed to continually disrupting the international airport industry, our hospitality developments strive to enhance passenger experiences and maintain a sleek travel process. Pursuing new commercialisation opportunities, acquiring high-quality lounges and partnering with major bodies, our team holds fast to a pursuit of airport hospitality excellence.

What we offer

Design & Experience Development

We innovate, grow and cultivate new service offerings and products which streamline the travel experience. With our 20+ years of industry expertise from consultancy, design, development, construction to operation, we’re able to provide customized and superb hospitality experiences and solutions within the airport ecosystem. By partnering with visionary designers, architects and culinary experts, we create award-winning services and products which elevate the travel journey.


Lounge Management

Through our extensive hands-on experience operating 250+ global locations, we have developed the most comprehensive lounge operations knowledge, supported with a well-established infrastructure and supply chain in the industry. Customer experience is at the centre of our operations, from customer service training, culinary management, to customer feedback programme. Quality and consistency are the core of our operations, supported by an extensive management oversight, employee training, governance plans, and quality assurance framework, always with an emphasis on safety.


Passenger Service Operations

Staring from the Meet & Assist service, we have expanded our solution and services to connect all passenger touchpoints such as Fast track, porter, buggy, baggage wrapping, etc to service philosophy and backend processes, which are supported and continuously enhanced via the use of technology and innovation. Our technology platform and service delivery protocol are the core enablers of the overall solution; starting from booking to fulfilment and customer feedback. As airports seek to evolve and digitalise the whole airport passenger experience, PPG’s passenger service operations are developed to deliver a consistent 360° end-to-end airport experience throughout the passengers’ travel journey from the moment they arrive at the airport until their departure.


Technology & Digital Innovation

Leveraging innovation, we light the way for smooth customer journeys which empower and assure travellers as they move across the globe. Our Airport Hospitality Solution is end-to-end modular designed and highly integrated. It connects all customer and operation touchpoints to collect various data points into one single view which enable us to make well-informed commercial and operation strategies. Through employing world-class technology, we ensure each brand, service and offering we deliver adds to our guests’ travel experience and the business.



We have a strong commercial network of leading airlines and corporate clients to ensure stable and robust revenue stream to start with. Our professional sales and marketing team globally is ready to help formulate and deploy customised brand and sales strategies to optimise every commercial opportunities, supported by PPG’s well-established omnichannel commerce system.


Our Partners

Collaborating with an expansive network of international airports, we are pleased to hold exceptional relations with some of the world’s most advanced airports. We customise and design world-class passenger experiences along with smart solutions to transform the customer experience. And ultimately help to realise the full potential of non-aeronautical revenue for airport partners.

Aiding over 60 international airlines to elevate their on-ground experiences, we assist a wide selection of airline partners to streamline their lounge offerings. We provide a comprehensive solution spanning design, build, consulting, lounge management and operations, and staff training and quality assurance. We are committed to creating a premium and safe on-ground guest experience that reflects their brand values and create lifetime loyalty.

Working closely with a broad spectrum of corporate partners, we curate a widespread portfolio of travel benefits, which are made accessible and avaliable anywhere anytime for their high-value customers globally. And most importantly, we meet the spoken and unspoken needs of them, help the brand create customer loyalty.

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