Our Sustainability Commitment 环亚可持续发展 環亞可持續發展

At Plaza Premium Group, we strive to build lasting legacy and create positive impacts for the present and future generations. As a business that was founded on meeting the needs of travelers from all walks of life, we have been adopting human-centred approaches and sustainability principles long before we began using such terms in our strategies and operations. We continue to work with our people and partners across the globe towards developing the future of airport hospitality and sustainable travel. We remain deeply committed to democratizing the travel experience, contributing to the wellbeing of our planet and societies, and bringing value to the economies as well as the surrounding communities in which we operate. While we continuously seek to learn, innovate, and transform challenges into opportunities, we invite you to join us in this journey of growth together towards making travel better.





Our Stance 我们的立场 我們的ESG立場

Environmental 环境 環境

Our Planet, where all our locations operate: At PPG we know there’s no business without a home for it, so we’re dedicated to reducing our eco-footprint and shifting our operations towards net zero. The road is long, but you have to start or you’ll never get there…

Our Product, supply chain to experience: For us, the product is an experience. We examine all aspects that create this experience, from building materials to creating an inclusive space, to the food that’s put on a plate. We iterate all of these choices, constantly striving for better and more sustainable options.




地球: 我们开展全部业务所在之地 – 在环亚,我们知道,企业不能没有“家”,所以我们竭力减少生态足迹,并将运营转向净零排放。道路漫长,但你必须启程,否则将永远无法到达……

我们的产品:从供应链到体验 – 对我们来说,产品就是一种体验。我们研究创造这种体验的方方面面,从建筑材料,到构建一个包容性的空间,再到放在盘子里的食物,等等。我们迭代所有这些选择,且不断努力争取更好和更可持续的选项。



Social 社会 社會

We put people first: With lenses pointed outwards and inwards, we treat everyone with the respect we would bestow on our valued customers. A focus here on equality, engagement and understanding. We constantly review our people policies, training and offer touchpoints to best support our #PPGFamily and our global customer base. Additionally, we look past our four walls, to the communities in which we operate. For us, outreach and engagement are cornerstones to success.




Governance 治理 管治

We strive to make a positive social impact and promote harmony and understanding in society by embracing different cultures and being an inclusive organisation, further making it our role to educate both our internal and external stakeholders. Comply with prescribed requirements of the relevant legislation relating to local labour law. Meet statutory requirements in relation to sustainable issues including but not limited to anti-corruption and bribery, discrimination, confidentiality and handling of information, conflict of interest, anti-competitive practice, money laundering, environment and safety as well as whistleblowing. Improve the environment and society by all striving to use innovation to review and rethink our approach. Engage our stakeholders on our sustainability performance and gather feedback for improvement. Minimise the possible impacts of our business operations on the environment and ensure product quality and responsibility. Empower through opportunity by providing a safe and caring work environment, nurturing talent and helping upskill society by offering learning opportunities for our employees that facilitate their future development and career. Influence our value chain to share our sustainability beliefs and practices. We see our landlords, suppliers, service providers and clients, as partners to further our impact by working together. Ensure we comply with relevant tax legislation and tenancy agreement. Strengthen our governance of sustainability performance through monitoring and reporting.




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